Next to us live sick people, invalids, children-orphans,  lonely old people who very often need human support and help. And such help many of them get thanks to not indifferent people. Who are these benevolent people? They are businessmen, physicians,  priests, actors, musicians, volunteers – people of different professions and vocations. Performing charitable deeds, each of them shares with the needy people something that is vital at the present moment - money, time, creativity, attention.  Doing works of mercy, the souls of these people are filled with love and compassion for neighbours and desire to bring happiness to those in need. As shows the experience of many famous personalities, if a person is engaged in good thing then the whole universe helps him! So what is the meaning of human life? Is it to build a house, grow up a son and plant a tree? Or the meaning of life is in something else? Many wise men say about the constant effort of man to become better, as the most worthy goal of human life, as the main meaning of human life. And how to become better? In this project we learn about the people creating good, and also listen to their revelations about the importance of charitable activities, personal opinions about the meaning of life and the mission of man, interesting story from the biography.


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