24 October 2016

Presentation of the project on family, spiritual and moral upbringing took place in Bobruysk

The purpose of the presentation is to introduce those who came with the project, to show the depth, the relationship and the seriousness of the educational questions raised by the exhibition movement, to identify interested volunteers, for whom the detailed training course with delivery of materials will be organized.

The predominant part of the project is allocated to work with mobile exhibitions for junior pupils "We draw the world of the family" and for senior pupils and youth "Human  potential of the Fatherland: traditional morality and family values".

There is one more exhibition for young people "Save those,who are taken to death!"- about harm of abortion, with which the project began and which now is working in the regions. The volunteer group of Borisov medical College, under the leadership of obstetrician Mozgunova Svetlana Fominichna, especially active works with this exhibition in the region.

The first exhibitions were brought from Russia, partially reduced and adapted to Belarusian audience. The founder of this exhibition movement was the Center of protection of motherhood and family values in Minsk eparchy under the leadership of priest Dmitry Gritsenko.

Now the project is supported by the Foundation in the name of St. Euphrosyne of Polotsk.

On large-scale exhibitions began to work in various childish and youth audience - educational institutions (schools, colleges, universities), clinics, military units- since 2014 and during this time perfectly proved. 

The work with exhibitions does not exclude interviews on family,spiritual and moral themes during the whole year. For exhibitions were devised methodical materials - texts of conversations about the meaning of life, about healthy way of life, about premarital relations, the family and family values, selected videos and movies.The material is devised on the basis of scientific data and results of sociological researches, it is a perfect mean for extracurricular activities.

Lecture work can (and has to) be the basis for further creative work in this area – the volunteer movement of different directions, literary evenings, dancing balls, talk-show, discussions, interviews and other projects and events.

The presentation was held by the methodologist of the project and lecturer Yaroshevich Elena Ivanovna, collaborator of the Foundation in the name of St Euphrosyne of Polotsk.

The organizer of the meeting was Bobruisk  center of support of family, motherhood and childhood "Pokrova"

(+375 44 55 46 888).

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